Instinct Raw Dog Food Reviews For 2021 – Buying Guide

Raw dog foods are always better than processed foods. Why? Simply because they contain a higher amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. But not all raw dog foods are of the same quality.

Take the Instinct Raw Dog Foods for example. Manufactured by Nature’s Variety the Instinct Raw Dog Foods are filled with nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. They contain a lot of protein and other food ingredients that are really good for your dog’s health.

You may think that all dog foods have the same benefits. If so, I will show you why Instinct Raw Dog Foods are better.

Instinct Raw Dog Food Buying Guide and Reviews

In order to buy raw dog foods, there are some features you need to see in the dog food. The Instinct Raw Dog Food contains these features and this is why I recommend you to pick this raw dog food for. Let’s see which features this dog food has and what benefits they can bring.

Full Nutrition

It is very essential for your dogs to have full nutrition in whatever the dog is eating. With complete nutrition, your dog will always be healthy. But with the lack of complete nutrition, it will definitely be sick.

The Instinct Raw Dog Food has 100% raw nutrition that your dog requires. It is processed and frozen minimally to preserve the quality of every ingredient.

Generally, Instinct Raw Dog Foods have about 85% of meats and organs. The rest 15% of the proportion contains vitamins and minerals, vegetables and non-GMO fruits. This is definitely the best set of ingredients to provide complete nutrition.

Whole Meat as the Main Ingredient

Meats contain a lot of protein, amino acids, and other minerals too. In order to stay healthy your dog mainly needs protein. The amino acid is good for the tissue of the body. It helps to keep the body healthy by keeping the tissues healthy.

When the tissues are healthy your dog will have stronger muscles. So, meat should the main ingredient of that dog food you pick.

The Instinct Raw Dog Food uses whole food ingredients like natural chicken or beef as the main ingredient. I have already said how much meat they use in their dog food. So, this is undoubtedly the best raw dog food for you to choose from.

No Low-Quality Filler Grain

If your dog food contains grain then the grain must not be of low quality. Because most dogs are allergic to low-quality filler grain like corn or wheat. This is very harmful to your dog.

So, beware about the fact that the dog food you pick has no low-quality filler grains. It should be whole grain which is better. But the best option would be to have no grain at all because some dogs are allergic to whole grain as well.

The Instinct raw food, for example, has no grain, wheat, corn, soy or any other fillers. It only contains the important ingredients that your dog needs. So, picking this raw dog food is undoubtedly a great choice.

Natural Preservatives

Preservations are mainly used in the food to keep the food fresh for a long time. Especially if it is raw food. This is not very different for raw dog foods as well.

It would be better if there were no preservatives in the food. But to be honest, every raw food you find in the market will surely contain some amount of preservatives.

So what can you do? The only option here is to pick up a raw dog food which has an only natural preservative that won’t harm the health of your dog.

Take the Instinct Raw Dog Foods for example. They contain Tocopherols as Vitamin E and Ascorbate as Vitamin C that is natural ingredients and are not harmful to your dog.

Your Dog’s Life Stage

How can your dog’s life stage be a feature of raw dog food? Well, it’s not what I actually meant. What I mean is, whichever life stage your dog is in, will it be able to consume this food or not.

This feature of raw dog food ensures that your dog will be able to consume this food at a particular stage of its life. A dog has only two life stages, the puppy stage, and the adult stage.

You should pick a raw dog food that your dog can consume according to its life stage. There are different raw dog foods for the puppies and different raw dog foods for adult dogs.

The Instinct Raw Dog Foods provide both types of dog foods. For example the Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken for Puppies and the Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken for senior dogs. I recommend Instinct Raw Dog Food as you can pick one for any age of dogs.

What We Liked:

  • Effectively cleans up digestive issues.
  • It makes the dog healthier with complete nutrition.
  • The meat of this raw food provides strong muscles.
  • Chewing this raw food makes the gums and teeth healthier.
  • It’s cheap.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Too much of this raw food will cause diarrhea.


Question: Can I use the same raw dog food for both puppies and adult dogs?

Answer: You can, but better you don’t. An adult dog can handle puppy food. But a puppy may or may not get diarrhea by eating adult dog food.

Question: How much protein does the Instinct Raw Dog Foods contain?

Answer: Different Instinct Raw Dog Foods contain different amount but in general the amount is around 85%.

Question: Are there any fillers in the ingredients of the Instinct Raw Dog Food?

Answer: No, there are no fillers like grains or wheat in this raw dog food.

Final Verdict

I am sure now you have no doubt about the quality of the Instinct Raw Dog Foods.

I would like to give some final tips for you. First of all, keep in mind that dogs need more protein. So, the dog food you pick should have meat as the main ingredient.

Also, don’t overfeed your dog with raw foods as it will harm the health of your dog instead of improving it. Finally, I hope this article was helpful to you.

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